Stage 4

Stage 4 --- Takes in lots 12-20 and are now selling.

Lots 17 to 20 front the proposed golf course with views out to sea in a North/North East direction. 

For sale are lots 15,16 for $150,000. (subject to titles being released).

For sale are lots 17 and 18 for $200,000 (subject to titles being released).

Lots 12,13,14,19 & are currently under offer.

tos stage 3[3346].jpg
Lots 17-20 from view lot 10.jpg
Lots 17-20 View from Lot 10

Lots 13-16 overlook farm land in a southerly direction and is only a 5 minutes walk to the beach.

Lot 12[3557].jpg
LOT 12 Looking out to sea
Lot 13[3558].jpg
LOT 13 Looking out to sea
Lot 14[3559].jpg
LOT 14 Looking out to sea
lot 17.jpg
LOT 17 Looking out to sea

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