Stage 5

Stage 5 --- Takes in lots 21-27.


Stage 5 --- Now selling subject to title release. 

Lot 21 a.jpg
LOT 21 Looking north out towards distant sea.
tos stage4[3347].jpg
lot 21 b.jpg
LOT 21 Looking north east over proposed golf course out to sea.
Lot 12[3557].jpg
LOT 22 Overlooking proposed golf course out to sea. 
lot 23 looking North.jpg
LOT 23 Looking North out towards to distant sea.
lot 23 looking NW.jpg
LOT 23 Looking north west out to Sea.
lot 24 looking West.jpg
LOT 24  Looking west out to distant sea.
lot 24 looking south west.jpg
LOT 24 Looking south west.
lot 27.jpg
LOT 27 Looking out to sea.

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